Find Your Niche and Start Creating Your Own Path

A lot of people get tied up into the idea of wanting to do it all, I have even made this mistake. You are a Social Media Marketer but you want to learn immediately how to become a master of SEO or Affiliate Marketing. This is what can normally impede your progress and take you off of your path. Start by learning what it is that you want to do, research on how to become a master of that skill and create your own path.

Then after you’ve become a master at your new craft, attack the next. Try and make sure that it is close to that of what you’ve already learned. So if you’ve mastered Social Media Marketing, you should focus on Search Engine Optimization. Just a quick thought that I wanted to share. Do you have any other advice or comments you’d like to share?


The Importance Social Media with your Current Marketing Strategy

I believe that Social Media marketing is on a crash course to take over the reigns as the primary choice to market by companies. We are living in the technology era where people would rather tweet or text than have a conversation with someone. It simply becomes more convenient to email a response than to tell a person what you’re decision is.

That is carrying over in terms of how businesses can utilize Social Media for their success. It just simply makes more sense to have a dedicated person or persons to identify your target consumers, interact and sometimes close deals and sales. While Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are dominating the social networks, companies are hiring people to control their marketing and patrol these sites to help create relationships with consumers via Social Media. Here is a great article on The Importance of Implementing Social Media As A Part Of Your Current Marketing Strategy

Let me know if you agree…

My First Blog…Again!?!

My First Blog…Again!?!

It’s a Saturday night and the family is sleep so I decided to start another blog site. I figured that I would get back into blogging; it’s been about almost 2 years since my last blog so forgive me if I’m a bit rusty. I got the urge to blog again from a couple of things but most from one of my associates, Laura-Lee Walker who I have worked under the last couple of months doing various research on blogs and social media. I’m here to share my thoughts on everything that I deem necessary and also some other cool things along the way.

So I’m back like I’ve never left and this time I hope to network with a lot of cool individuals.

Welcome to my world…..